Glass Invention - Information and Facts about Glass Inventors

Glass was first made in the ancient world, but little is known about man’s first efforts to make glass. Amulets and solid beads were made in Mesopotamia as far back as 2500BC. Later, glass making was further developed in Egypt around 1500BC.

Modern Glass Invention

Who Invented Glass

Archaelogical evidence indicates that glass was first made in the Middle East, sometime in the 3500BC. Safety glass was invented by a Friench scientist, Edouard Benedictus, in 1903.

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The First Glass Production

Glass appears to have been made as far back as the second millennium BC by the ancient Egyptians and perhaps the Phoenicians. Yet evidently glass production originated in Mesopotamia, where pieces of made glass have been found, believed to date from the third millennium BC.

Ancient Colored Glass

Ancient Glass

It is believed that the use of glass dates back to 14th century BC. Glass manufacturing started in the Palestinian area and was further developed in Egypt around 1500BC. Around 500BC glass making became a strongly established commodity.

Ancient Egyptianb Glass Vase

Egyptian Glass

Long before the production of glass the ancient Egyptians used glass like materials. The earliest known made glass is in the form of Egyptian beads produced during the New Kingdom about 1500BC and came in variety of colors.

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